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As a property manager, most of your time will be dedicated to maintaining the property. In most cases, if the property is large enough, you’ll be tasked with hiring staff as well. The process of hiring staff can be tricky, and since these are people that you’re going to be relying on heavily, it’s important that you find the right people for the job. Having a great staff will make all of the difference in terms of your well being, the property’s well being, and the tenant’s well being. The following are some tips to help aide you in your hiring process.

Determine the Exact Skills Required

The first thing that you’ll have to do is determine exactly what you’ll need to be done by additional staff, and determine how many different positions that will require. Be realistic about where your strengths are, and where you’ll need additional support. Do you need someone to maintain the lawns? Do you need someone to watch the front desk? Think about everything that your property will need in order to operate at full capacity.

Once you know exactly what all of the different aspects of maintenance you’ll need to hire for, then you can come up with the different job descriptions. You’ll want to make sure that each description is specifically tailored to the property you are managing. (ie: if you’re hiring grounds staff, and the grounds require foliage maintenance, make sure that is included in that particular description.)

Spreading The Word

With the internet being what it is today, there are innumerable ways in which you can get the word out about the open positions on the property you manage. The first thing you should do is get the job opening up on all of the relevant job boards. If you, or the owner of the property are a part of any property associations that have job listings, make sure to make use of that avenue. It will also be helpful use relevant job/maintenance staff forums and regular job boards as well. You’ll want to have a large potential pool to choose from.

But job boards/forums aren’t the only places that you should turn to when you’re looking for the right staff. Don’t be afraid to use your personal networks to find the right person for the job. Take advantage of social media; use Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn to let people know that you are looking for staff.

Now that you know how to do about looking for the right candidates, check back soon to determine how to interview, and make everything work in the long term.