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In our last post, I discussed the first two steps of hiring the best staff for your property: determining exactly what you need, and getting the word out about the openings. Once you start receiving applications and inquiries, you’ll have to start the interview process. In this post, I’ll walk through creating the most effective interviews and then maintaining great relationships with the people that you hire.

Interviewing the Right Way

Conducting the interview will undoubtedly be the most important part of this process. You want to make sure that you’re asking the right questions, and finding the correct person for the job at hand. It’s important to create a script to work off of, so all of the candidates that you speak to are assessed on an even playing field.

Tip: Be mindful of how you interview the people that were referred to you by people that you know. It’s easy to give preferential treatment to those individuals, but you must be sure that these referred candidates are actually a good fit for the job. Keep a clear head, and be sure to assess them the same way that you would assess any other candidate.

If you’ve never conducted a job interview before, here are the basic steps you should follow:

  1. Review the job description thoroughly; know all of the characteristics and skills that someone in the position would need to possess.
  2. Go over the candidate’s resume. Have pointed questions prepared about their various work experiences.
  3. Map out all of the things that you would like to cover during the interview, so that you’ll have a general flow to stick to. Have questions prepared.
  4. During the actual interview, be sure to ask open-ended (“long answer”) questions that will allow you to really assess the interviewee’s true nature.
  5. If the position that you’re hiring for requires any practical skills, make sure you include a test of that skillset. If you’re hiring a chef, make them cook, if you’re a gardener, ask them to assess the garden.

If you follow those general steps, you should have no trouble finding the best person for the job.

Maintaining A Healthy Ongoing Relationship

Once you find your perfect staff members, it’s important that you work to make maintain a healthy and positive work relationship. Finding the perfect person for the job takes up a lot of your resources. You want to avoid using all of those resources, just to have your new employee quit because they are dissatisfied.

  • Make sure that you are offering competitive compensation
  • Make sure that they feel valued. Acknowledge a job well done.
  • Schedule regular check-ins and meetings to hear any concerns or needs.