4 Incredible Restaurants In Brooklyn

While many people will head to Manhattan for a night out, Brooklyn is not to be overlooked with its wide variety of cultural spots. One of the best aspects of Brooklyn is the delicious cuisine, and there sure is a lot of it. There is fantastic food all throughout Brooklyn, but some neighborhoods take the cake when it comes to delicious food. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to eat in Brooklyn, as well as the best restaurants in each of those neighborhoods:

1) Best Spot in Greenpoint: Five Leaves

Five Leaves in Greenpoint is always packed and for good reason. This restaurant is great for any meal of the day, serving contemporary American dishes that are ethically sourced. There is such a wide variety of dishes that you’re bound to find something you love. With an environment that is both trendy and quaint, Five Leaves it the perfect restaurant for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal in a laid-back environment. Just remember to arrive early because they don’t take reservations.

2) Best Spot in Crown Heights: The Islands

Crown Heights has a number of crowd-pleasers both new and old. One of the most long-standing restaurants is The Islands, and once you try it out, you’ll see why it’s lasted so long. This restaurant is extremely small and makes for a truly unique dining experience full of culinary excellence. If you can’t figure out what to order, you’ll want to try the jerk chicken and the mac and cheese. Still, everything on the menu is worth a try. Eating at The Islands is an experience you won’t soon forget.

3) Best Spot in Red Hook: Fort Defiance

Located in the heart of downtown Red Hook, Fort Defiance features seasonal American cuisine prepared by executive chef Matthew Fleming. This small quaint restaurant aims to source all of their produce responsibly and the food is prepared to perfection. At Fort Defiance, Monday Night is Burger Night, and any burger enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on having a burger made of the highest quality ethically sourced meat. Whatever meal you head to Fort Defiance for, you won’t regret it.

4) Best Spot in Bushwick: Moku Moku

Serving Japanese tapas in a trendy environment, Moku Moku attracts quite the crowd. The impeccable service is only topped by the incredible food, which is bound to leave customers happy. Moku Moku has an open kitchen configuration and there are is a lot of seating at the bar. Order the incredible ramen or order a bunch of small skewers to share. Nearly everyone who eats here leaves with a strong desire to come back.

There are so many delicious waiters in Brooklyn that it’s hard to pick just one. But once you’ve narrowed it down to a neighborhood, it’s a little easier to decide. If you’re headed to Greenpoint, Crown Heights, Red Hook or Bushwick, now you know where to head for the most delicious meals. These neighborhoods are some of the best in Brooklyn for culinary experiences, so you know that these restaurants are no joke. If you want a dining Brooklyn experience unlike any other, visit Five Leaves, The Islands, Fort Defiance or Moku Moku.