Although most buildings have some code violations and or maintenance problems, the great majority of problems are minor and require little in the way of correction. Below are a few of the most common problems found during an inspection of a property:

Smoke Detectors

Missing, disabled or improperly installed smoke detectors are the number one problem noted on most compliance orders.

Water Heater

Common problems found with water heaters is an inadequate temperature and pressure relief valve as well as an improperly installed TPR valve discharge pipe.


Every sleeping room must have two acceptable means of escape in case of fire such as a door and a properly sized window.

Organized Keys

It’s absolutely critical that landlords keep at least one copy of all property keys, in a well-organized system. You never know when an emergency could pop up.


Inspect residencies frequently to check cleanliness, enforce cleanliness rules and avoid using poisons. Immediately call a reputable exterminator at the first sign of pests.


Have all furnaces serviced at least once a year; faulty furnaces or exhaust venting can cause fires, lawsuits and even death.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are among the most frequent recurring nuisances that landlord have to deal with. However, this is very often a simple fix that tenants can do with solutions purchased at your local drug store. Do not even pour grease, paint or chemicals down drains. Try unclogging first before contacting a plumber.

Electrical System

Though many potential electrical problems are hidden, the inspector looks for obvious conditions that can lead to electric shock or fire ignition.